FRC Software Components

Wpilib Software Component Documentation

  • FRC Software Component Overview - complete overview of FRC Software including C++, Java, Labviews programming and robot config tools.  Lots of information here but not all of it is required for Java programmers.
  • WPILib - reference to the most used WPILib classes

Key Software required by Java developers

How to Configure the Robot

RoboRio Configuration Dashboard (Available using Windows Internet Explorer or other Silverlight browser)

The RoboRio config dashboard must be used to update firmware on all CAN bus devices.  This tool requires Silverlight which is only natively supported on Internet Explorer.  Silverlight is not supported using the Edge browser.
  • When connected by USB cable: go to
  • When connected by radio: go to http://robotRIO-team-FRC.local

Key IP Address Lists

  • roboRIO USB:
  • roboRIO mDNS: roboRIO-####-FRC.local (where #### is your team number with no leading zeroes) You should be able to use this address to communicate with the roboRIO over either interface through ping, browser, etc.
  • Robot Radio: 10.TE.AM.1 (where TE.AM is your 4 digit team number with leading zeroes if required)
  • DHCP range: 10.TE.AM.20 to 10.TE.AM.199