Installing Development Tools

Software Installation notes for developers for the 2018 Robotics Season

The following software components need to be installed to support Java Robot Code Development
  • Java JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • FIRST Update Suite

Once these elements are installed, the Toronto Projects can be installed.  These are:
  • toronto.jar - a .jar file containing the Toronto Coding Collective classes
  • Toronto Framework - a WPILib Robot project containing the basic code for a complete robot.

Java JDK (Java Development Kit)

The current release (as of Dec, 2017) is version 151.

Eclipse (IDE - Integrated Development Environment)

Install the latest version of Eclipse IDE for Java Developers found here:

Detailed installation notes for configuring eclipse for FRC development can be found at:

Key steps are:
1. Unzip Eclipse and run it - create a new workspace
2. Ensure the Java JDK (not the java JRE) is the default Java Runtime for all projects (under Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs)
3. Install the plugins for FRC.  Update site:

Post Installation:
4. Set the team number in eclipse
5. Create your first project to complete the setup of the eclipse variables for FRC: networkTables and wpilib

After completing the eclipse installation, set the team number (robot id):
Windows -> Preferences -> WPILib Preferences

Eclipse can be configured to support the Toronto Jar by simply creating an FRC robot project. The first time that an FRC robot project is created in eclipse, four new Build Path Classpath Variables are added to the eclipse workspace that are available to all projects including the toronto.jar project.  The variables used by the Toronto.jar project are:
  • networkTables
  • wpilib
To create your first FRC project, select File -> New -> Other, and then select Robot Java Project.  Name your project (Test), and shorten the package name to just robot.


FIRST Update Suite

Download and install the FIRST Update Suite from National Instruments.  This collection of tools includes the following key software components:
  • Driver Station
  • Smart Dashboard
  • RoboRio Firmware Updates
The FIRST Update Suite can be found here:

The password for unzipping this file is: pLaY&4%R3aL!

The FRC Update Suite will install in trial mode for some period of time.  When registering your software, you will need to create a National Instruments account, and you will need the Software Install Key included in your team's Kit of Parts from the 2018 POWER UP! season.