Installing Toronto Framework

Software Installation notes for the 2018 Robotics Season

The Toronto Framework consists of two main components
  • Toronto Robot Framework
  • toronto.jar

Configuring Eclipse

Eclipse can be configured to support the Toronto Jar by simply creating an FRC robot project.  Installation notes for eclipse are here.

Adding the CTRE Jars

The Toronto Robot Framework (2018) supports both PWM based controllers and CAN based controllers.  In order to compile the TorontoCodingFramework, you must install the Cross the Road Electronics Jars that support the TalonSRX CAN based controls

The Tool Suite can be found on the CTRE web site.  The current installer is: CTRE Phoenix Framework Installer

Download and install this library.  After this library is installed, the system should detect the new jars.

Installing the Toronto.jar Project and Toronto Framework from GitHub

Create a user on GitHub at

The toronto.jar project and Toronto Framework can be found on GitHub at:

Install the Toronto.jar project first and then the Toronto Framework by following the steps below.

This project can be imported using the Eclipse Import Wizard.  Log on to GitHub and copy the Clone address.  Then paste this address in the GitHub Import tool in eclipse.

Navigate to the Git repository link above and copy the GitHub clone URL to the Clipboard....

In eclipse, use the import tool to import the project....