Toronto Coding Collective

The Toronto Coding Collective is dedicated to developing Java code to help FRC teams.

The Toronto Framework extends the basic functionality available in the FRC WPILIB.  We use the command-based robot basics, and then add structure and coding standards.  This allows even rookie teams to build complex robot functions with ease.

Getting Started

In order to get started with developing FRC robot code in Java, you will need to install the Java tools and the FRC tools.

The Toronto Framework has additional features and functions.  This framework is under development and will be developed throughout the 2018 season.  

The Toronto Framework has two components.  The Toronto jar is a collection of useful classes to help with Joysticks and sensors, and the Toronto Robot Framework is an example robot that uses the Toronto jar.

Here are notes for getting started with the Toronto Framework.

Who Are We?

The Toronto Coding Collective was formed from members of the following teams.

  • 1310 - Runnymede Robotics (hosts of the Toronto Coding Collective)
  • 2935 - NACI Robotics
  • 5834 - R3P2
  • 854 - Iron Bears

For 2018, Power UP, the Toronto Coding Collective is comprised of the following teams:

  • 1310 - Runnymede Robotics (hosts of the Toronto Coding Collective)
  • 907 - East York Cybernetics "The Cybernauts"
  • 2935 - NACI Robotics
  • 4343 - MaxTech
  • 5596 - Wolverines
  • 5834 - R3P2
  • 5911 - PARAGON
  • 6009 - CYBERHEART
  • 6867 - JPCI Jaguars
  • 6924 - Hogarth Hornets

As the pre-season develops, the frameworks we are using will continue to mature.