What is GyroDrive?

GyroDrive is a Working Example - Sweet!

Drive a robot, design an auto pattern.

Why GyroDrive?

Real time programming is HARD!

Complex and precise auto patterns are even harder!

Where is there a clear example for beginners, or those wanting to take their programming to the next level?

Have you ever wished that your robot just worked? It seems to be built well, but..

  • does not behave well
  • I cannot understand what is happening
  • I am unsure how to take the next step in programming

GyroDrive Robot

The GyroDrive Robot framework supports a drive train with:

  • a Left/Right differential drive train (with any number of motors per side). Support provided for:
    • all PWM speed controllers
    • CAN Speed controllers TalonSRX and VictorSPX
  • Left/Right encoders for speed control and distance measurement attached to the DIO ports or CAN speed controllers
  • a Gyro for heading (angle) measurement and control. Support is provided for:
    • Analog gyros
    • NavX, Pigeon IMU
    • SPI Gyro ADXRS450

Features of the GyroDrive Framework

Get Organized


Organize your robot connections


Encoder counts/inch and other constants


Driver and Operator buttons

See What's Up

Smart Dashboard

View sensors, PIDs and Speed Controllers


What happened?

Functional Design

Command Based Programming





Auto Selectors

Choose your auto

Auto Command

Organizing and orchestrating the autonomous