Toronto Coding Collective

The Toronto Coding Collective is dedicated to developing Java code to help FRC teams to leverage the power of Command Based Programming to create well organized robot code. All code and examples on this site use Java.

The Toronto Framework extends the basic functionality available in the WPILib libraries and examples. We use the command-based programming and add structure and coding standards.

Our hope is that the Toronto Framework will allow rookie teams to build complex and robust robot functions with ease.

Changes for the 2019 Season

As part of our continual improvements to the FRC Control System software, for the 2019 FRC season the current plan is to switch from Eclipse (with built-in Ant scripts as the build/deploy tooling) as the supported IDE for C++\Java development to Microsoft's Visual Studio Code IDE with Gradle (using a community created project, GradleRIO, pulled under the WPILib umbrella) as the build/deploy tooling.

The Toronto Coding Collective Perspective on the changes for 2019

In order to better support new teams within the FRC community, the Toronto Coding Collective will move to the new FRC tools, and provide advice and options on the additional software components that can be used in conjunction with the FRC tools.

There are many software IDEs available for software development including eclipse, intelliJ and NetBeans. While these IDEs are arguably better in some way than VS Code and can all be used for developing software for FRC robots, the Toronto Coding Collective site will attempt to help teams using the chosen FRC tools and the Java programming language.

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Who Are We?

The Toronto Coding Collective was formed from members of the following teams.

  • 1310 - Runnymede Robotics (hosts of the Toronto Coding Collective)
  • 2935 - NACI Robotics
  • 5834 - R3P2
  • 854 - Iron Bears

For 2018, Power UP, the Toronto Coding Collective continued to develop code as part of a series of programming lessons offered by Team 1310 - Runnymede Robotics. The participating teams were:

  • 1310 - Runnymede Robotics (hosts of the Toronto Coding Collective)
  • 907 - East York Cybernetics "The Cybernauts"
  • 2935 - NACI Robotics
  • 4343 - MaxTech
  • 5596 - Wolverines
  • 5834 - R3P2
  • 5911 - PARAGON
  • 6009 - CYBERHEART
  • 6867 - JPCI Jaguars
  • 6924 - Hogarth Hornets